WiFi Predictive Planning Reports

(vendor independent)

A virtual WLAN survey is a very cost effective alternative to a traditional onsite WLAN survey. It can be almost as accurate as a physical survey as long as we capture all the pertinent information about the site to plan the wireless network. The value to our clients is that it is cost effective and it takes significantly less time to get the project started.

* Single floor upto 4000sqft. Rates for Larger or multi floor facilities will vary.

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Step 1
Hello There

Fill out the contact form below. Next we’ll set up a call and go over your floor plan. Identify project details like Wifi Frequency to use, the building type (office, warehouse, etc), size, areas for coverage and building features like wall types, ceiling height, etc. This allows us to provide you with accurate costing for the project.

Step 2
This is where the fun begins

We get started converting, uploading & laying out your floor plan in our software. After tracing out the walls, specifying their material makeup & scaling we’ll have a first draft sent off to you.

Make note of any revisions you need & we will update the final plan.

Step 3
Transmitting your plans

Once the final revision is made our software will generate a predictive plan in PDF form outlining RF strengths / weaknesses etc.